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Music Lane Open Lecture "Tune Core Artist Lounge" 特別セミナー開催


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What is Artist Lounge...?

This Workshop is designed to provite useful information on music activities and new knowledge and experience to 

artists who are ready to take full advantage of TuneCore Japan. This is a collaboration with "Music Lane Open Lecture", which invites lectures on the cutting edge in Japan and abroad to hold workshops with the aim of bringing music from Okinawa to wider, more distant, audience. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session so that participants can be discuss any  concerns they may have about their current musical activities.

“What's happening in the music industry right now and what we can do as independent artist."

① Music Industry Trends and Latest Trends.

② Latest features with TuneCore Japan.

③ Q&A and consultation.


① 2024.6.11(Tue)19:30〜

② 2024.6.12(Wed)19:30〜

Participation fee

​Free of charge

Application Deadline

2024.6.6(Thur)23:59 *If we reach the maximum number of applicants, we may close the application before the deadline.


① 2024.6.11(Tue)ーSakurazaka Theater Hall-B,Naha,Okinawa

​② 2024.6.12(Wed)ーMusic Town Oto-Ichiba, Koza, OkinawaCity

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