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BearWear (Japan/Japan)

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Started activities in 2017. Released single "Letters EP"supported Hotel Books (US)tour in Japan.
2018 Released ";e.g." supported by HUNDREDTH(US) tour in Japan. Mini album "DREAMING
IN." released.SOCIAL CIRCUIT(Malaysia)xBearwear Tour. 2019 BAYCAMP audition winner. DREAMING IN." cassette tape released in Indonesia only. Hosted Petal(US) tour to Japan. Performed at SYNCHRONICITY'19 and POW! FEST (Thailand).
Released 2nd mini album ":LIVING IN THE ECHO CHAMBER" in 2020. Performed at Fuji Rock

Festival <ROOKIE A GO-GO 2020.> 1st album "The Incomplete Circle" is released. 2022 Tour final <:CHAMBER FEST> held at Shinjuku Loft. The first one-man live & original beer release at Shinjuku Marz. Support for Subsonic Eye's tour in Japan.

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