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Music Lane Open Lecture 2024-25 Music Marketer Training Course

Music Marketing Boot Camp" starts in July!




"Music Lane Open Lectute" has been held as a "place to learn to travel more freely in the new era of music. In the new season, We will open a lecture focusing on the training of digital marketers in the music field who can be immediately effective in the industry . As the structure of the music industry undergoes major changes, there is growing need for people with knowledge of both the music business and digital marketing. This is an opportunity for students to acquire thees skills in practical way while in Okinawa.(CEO Takahashi Wakita),which plans and operates the "Music Marketing Boot Camp", the curriculum is designed to introduce "music digital marketing skills" essential for the music business in an easy-to-understand and practical manner. Each social networking site and tools that help. maximize advertising effectiveness, such as DSP, TikTok, and YouTube, will be explored in detail, including case studies.

The program will consist of five classroom lectures, plus a video-based program, as well as practical skills while working on festival marketing in preparation for "Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2025" from music professionals to artists, students, and general music fans, this course is recommended for those who want to acquire a new way of looking at music.

▼Music Lane Open Lecture 2024-25 "Music Marketing Boot Camp" in Okinawa Online Information Session



​*Online (Participation is free of charge. ZOOM link will be sent to those who register)


*Practical programs are available to participants who have attended 5 sessions (the entire curriculum).

*This course is free of charge for high school, college, and vocational students participating in the practical program (Music Lane Festival Okinawa's marketing team).​

*Application deadline: 2024.7.14 (Sun.); will close as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.

*The deadline for those attending one session is the day before the event, but will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.


【1ST LECTURE】2024.07.17(WED)

Introduction+SNS Operations

Course Fees ■1time ¥3,500 ■5times(All Curriculum)¥16,500

Norikazu Yamaguchi

(Studio Entre,Inc CEO)


Kei Wakita

(LAB Inc, CEO)

【2ND LECTURE】2024.08.01(THU)




ビデオ講師:西村 謙大 氏



講師:斉藤 圭英 氏







ビデオ講師:Yuta Nakamura



講師:斉藤 圭英 氏







ビデオ講師:鬼頭 武也 氏



講師:斉藤 圭英 氏






講師:脇田 敬 氏

(株式会社LAB 代表取締役)

unnamed (13)_edited.jpg

講師:野田 隆二 氏

(Music Lane Festival Okinawa プロデューサー/ディレクター)


Music Lane Festival Okinawa2025のマーケティング施策を実施



  協力:LAB / Studio Entre


Course fees ■1time ¥3,500 ■5times(All Curriculum) ¥16,500

Course fees ■1time ¥3,500 ■5times(All Curriculum) ¥16,500

受講料金 ■1回受講 ¥3,500 ■5回(全カリキュラム)受講 ¥16,500

受講料金 ■1回受講 ¥3,500 ■5回(全カリキュラム)受講 ¥16,500

Basic knowledge of DSP essential for music marketers

TikTok × Latest Examples of Music


Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2025のマーケティング戦略

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