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Darthreither /darth raider


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Born in Paris, France in 1977. Raised in London, dropped out of Tokyo University. Musician, rapper. Belongs to Masaki Yoshida Office. In 2010, he suffered a cerebral infarction and lost sight in his left eye due to complications. From then on, the eyepatch became his trademark. Vocalist of the band Basons. He is in charge of the original eyepatch brand O.G.K, and from his own YouTube channel he broadcasts talk shows featuring Shinji Miyadai, Tetsuo Jimbo, Petit Kashima, Tomohiro Machiyama, and others. His books include ``Hip-Hop as a Weapon'' (Gentosha) and ``Introduction to Japanese Rap from the History of MC Battles'' (KADOKAWA). In 2023, the movies "Senkyonandesu the Movie" and "Shin Chimudondon" (co-directed with Petit Kashima) will be released.

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