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Kong "Dalse" Yoon-Young (South Korea)

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Dalse Yoon-Young Kong has been Executive Director of Zandari Festa since it was launched first in 2012. He started his career with concert and artist management in Kangaji Culture and Art, the first indie label in Korea. He sirected and managed parties at Nori People Party Company. In 2020, Dalse worked  at DFSB, a digital music distribution and international music business company, in charge of artist management and international business. In 2018,he sucusessfully organized the DMZ Peace Train Music Festival with the mission to appreciate freedom and peace going beyond the walls of state, politics, economy, ideology, and ethnicity with the power of music, serving as artistic director with Martin Elborn, the person behind the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. As of  2023, he is running a company called Hike. Hike is preparing in variety of IP businesses as the producer of a band called Leenalchl.

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