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LU ZhongQiang ( China )


ZhongQiang LU is a famous song writer, producer, artistic director, event producer.
He’s the Founder and Artistic Director of 13-Month Culture, one of the most famous
independent music label in China. 13-Month Culture had been committed to the exploration,
dissemination and promotion of Chinese folk songs and independent music for the past 15
years. ZhongQiang LU is the Founder and Chief Promoter of two of the most famous Music Brand in China, Folk On the Road and China Music House. Folk On The Road, the biggest brand of folk music festival in China, had organized a tour of over 400 shows which lasted for 13 years in more than 60 cities and had an audience of up to 3 million.It was described as the “Folk Revival Movement ”in China. China Music House, the most reorganized world music label, was established in 2015 after 10 year’s accumulation of music production and absorbing from Chinese culture by 13-Month Culture. Mr LU has created and operating several music complexes in China: CMH studio Beijing, 13-Month Court residence & studio in Qingdao, Shushan country studio in Suzhou, CMH 
Greater Bay Area music center in Foshan.
He’s also a pioneer of music festival planner, produced a dozen festivals which became
influenced ones for the host cities. In 2023, he started the first healing theme festival in

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