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Peiti Huang (Taiwan)

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Professional A&R, music project coordinator, exhibition executor in Wind Music, MA from National Taipei Art University Musicology, Taiwan. More than 20 years experience of studying music, and a highly well-trained musical profession. Being advantageous in planning and executing projects, over 100 albums and cultural creative products of executing experiences. Planning and executing 2012 Experiencing Traditional Music in Taiwan, 2014 Hearing Taiwan cultural and 2015 Legend of Passage creative project, 2016-2024 World Music Festival @Taiwan.Knowing the pulse of the international market and the taste of music in the market, in recent years, Huang has successfully negotiated a number of large-scale international music festival performances, and actively promoted Taiwan's outstanding groups to perform on the international stage. The performances at internationally renowned music festivals such as Rainforest World Music Festival, WOMADelaide, Zealand. Huang has also been praised by international curators as a rare new generation of international marketing promoters. In recent years, Huang has been frequently invited to various universities to serve as an industry mentor and speaker, including National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei National University of the Arts, MingDao University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, and the Performing Arts Club, among others. Huang has conducted numerous presentations on diverse topics such as curation themes, music planning, and marketing.
Huang has also received invitations to participate in international forums and showcases in multiple countries, including the Seoul Music Week in South Korea, ACC World Music Festival, Ulsan Jazz Festival, Music Lane Festival Okinawa in Japan, Asia Music Summit in the Asian region, and the Global Toronto in Canada. Huang has served as an introduction speaker and international presenter in these events. In 2023, Huang had the honor of being the first Taiwanese speaker to present at the WOMEX (Worldwide Music Expo) forum. Additionally, Huang was invited to be a workshop instructor at the Korea Arts Management Service Center (KMAS) and served as a judge for the Taiwan Music Week Showcase Selection.

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