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Poom Piyasu Komaradat (Philippines)

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Poom Piyasu Komaradat is based in Bangkok, Thailand and worked within the music industry for 20 years. He is a founder and CEO of independent record label, “Parinam Music” since 2007, and an independent concert promoter and organizer, “Seen Scene Space” since 2014.
The label, Parinam Music, has also played the vital role in developing the local indie scenes, releasing some different and interesting genre music such as KIKI, FOLK9, VVAS, Gym and Swim, Wave And So, Evil dude and Seal Pillow. Which most of them are received great feedbacks from loads of music listeners not only in Thailand, but also throughout the world.
In parallel with Parinam Music, Poom established Seen Scene Space as an independent concert promoter and organizer in 2014. The goal is to deliver live acts from around the world to Thai-fan bases and to create Bangkok being Asia’s main music hub. Seen Scene Space archives more than 80 shows in total since 2014. 
Seen Scene Space does not only hold stand-alone concerts but also annually own music festival called POW! FEST. The mini music fest has been organized since 2015. 
Moreover, Seen Scene Space is one of collaboration by top 3 Thai concert promoters for international independent music festival named “Maho Rasop Music Festival” giving best selection of international and local artists, arts, food, and cultural activities for everyone.

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