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ermhoi (Japan)

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A track maker and singer with roots in both Japan and Ireland who expresses various worlds with his unique sense. In 2015, his 1st album “Junior Refugee” was released from salvaged tapes records. Since then, he has continued to engage in a wide range of activities that are not bound by genre or style, including providing music for illustrators, fashion brands, video works and TV commercials, and supporting vocals and choruses. In 2018, he formed black boboi with Utena Kobayashi and Julia Shortreed. Appeared on the Red Marquee at Fuji Rock 19'. Participated in Millennium Parade since 2019. In March 2021, “Thunder” will be released from BINDIVIDUAL records. Since then, they have released ``Mountain Song'', ``Landfill'', and a new album ``DREAM LAND''.

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