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Kinami (Okinawa/OKINAWA)

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Kinami is a bilingual singer/songwriter based in Okinawa, where a diverse music scene is
emerging.She sings emotionally about her own experiences with an indie alternative sound.She participated in X FACTOR OKINAWA JAPAN in 2014 and was highly praised by the judges for her potential. After that, she went to the U.S. by herself and enrolled in Berklee College of Music. In 2022, after honing her talent with artists from all over the world, she finally started her music career in Japan in earnest. Each release has been selected for major playlists, and her last album,Celebrity Posters,
charted on "New Music Friday" in seven Asian countries, creating a great response both in
Japan and abroad. She is one of the most exciting artists to watch, with a strong belief that she will make her mark on the world stage.

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