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“Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024 /
Trans Asia MusicMeeting 2024 (held simultaneously)”
Announcing the final lineup and the daily schedule of performing artists!

It will be held from January 19th (Friday) to January 21st (Sunday), 2024, mainly at Music Town Oto Market in Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture.
We are pleased to announce the final lineup for "Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2024".
A total of 144 teams from Japan and overseas applied (76 teams from Japan and 68 teams from overseas).

This time, there are 6 domestic groups and 1 overseas group. We will announce a total of 7 performing artists.

Including the 1st lineup and the 2nd curation artist Nobuki Akiyama (DYGL),

There will be a total of 51 groups (32 domestic and 19 overseas) in the lineup.
We will also announce the schedule for the showcase to be held on Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st.

<Last additionLineup>
Yukino Inamine &HARIKUYAMAKU (Okinawa)
Goonam (South Korea)
Adee A. (Japan)
WEST CASTLE (Okinawa / Okinawa) Recommended for “Okinawa Music Month Machinaka LIVE”
Lqilgh / Leila (Okinawa / Okinawa) Recommended for “Okinawa Music Month Machinaka LIVE”
Crazy Castle (Okinawa / Okinawa) Recommended for “Okinawa Music Month Machinaka LIVE”
Magnolia (Okinawa) Recommended for “Okinawa Music Month Machinaka LIVE”

The unit of HARIKUYAMAKU and Sanshin Girl Yukino Inamine released the album “Mystic Islands Dub” in November.

An old Okinawan folk song is updated and expressed in a new form by combining it with DUB.

South Korean psychedelic rock band Goonam also just released their album ``1969'' in November.

Introducing electro to alternative rock. Garage rock, new wave, and even traditional Korean music.
By incorporating rhythms, you can hear sounds that transcend genres.

Adee.A is a solo project by Taro Abe, a singer-songwriter with roots in Japan and Indonesia.
to. From 2016 to 2021, he continued to sing as the frontman of Attractions.Large festivals such as America's SXSW (South by Southwest) and Summer Sonic, etc.They energetically performed live at home and abroad.

Since 2023, she has been active under the name Adee A..

In addition, from October to November, he appeared openly on Okinawa Music Month's "Machinaka LIVE" and received high praise.

New generation bands WEST CASTLE, Lqilgh./Leila, Crazy Castle, and Mokuren 4 groups have also been confirmed to perform.


Adee A. (JP) / Anorak! (JP) / BearWear (JP) / Billyrrom (JP) / Darthreither (JP) / DVY (INDONESIA)

FORD TRIO (THAILAND) / Goonam (South Korea) / Ice Hokku (Israel) 

​Kiwako Ashimine (OKI) / Logic Lost (INDONESIA) / SPENSR (JP) / StripJoint (JP)

Texas3000 (JP) / Tomodati (JP) / TOSH (OKI) / Space Ghost/UCHUYUREI (HONGKONG)



akira.drums (OKI) / Alisson Shore (PHILIPPINES) / August Wahh (PHILIPPINES) / Crazy Castle (OKI)

cwondo (JP) / emma aibara (JP) / ermhoi (JP) / E-SAN FUSION (THAILAND) 

Famous Japanese (JP) / HELL type/HELL GATA (OKI) / HOME (OKI) / Johnnivan (JP)


luvis (JP) / mokuren (OKI) / Musicians' House (TAIWAN) / norke (OKI) / Ohlen (SouthKorea)

Ovall (JP) / San The Wordsmith & The Workshop (SINGAPORE) / snowy (JP)

SOS (JP) / strawman.&celine (ITALY&MONGOLIA) / Taba Chake (INDIA) / VVAS (THAILAND)


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