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Ovall (Japan/Japan)

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A trio band consisting of Shingo Suzuki, mabanua, and Shingo Sekiguchi.

A multi-player group where all members are also active as solo artists/musicians/producers. The current members have been active in earnest since 2006, and to this day they maintain an attitude that focuses on musicianship rather than genre. Arranging jazz, soul, hip-hop, and rock on the same level, live performance and sampling seamlessly go back and forth, throwing sounds into an oval groove. His innovative style and unique sound gradually caught on with the times, and he was flooded with production and collaboration requests from domestic and international filmmakers, film directors, and various artists.

Each of them started active solo activities, but the fact that each of them became extremely busy became a double-edged sword, and in 2013 they suspended their band activities and began pursuing their own individual expressions. However, there was a constant demand for ``I want to hear an ensemble unique to these three people,'' and the members responded to that desire and restarted the band in 2017 after four years. Immediately after, they performed at large domestic festivals such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, collaborated with artists from all over the world, and went on live tours overseas. Bringing together the skills and know-how cultivated through their solo activities, the band continues to roll in an elliptical pattern today.

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