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Yutaka Takanami ( Japan )


Namy& Inc. CEO & Founder / PLAY TODAY Founder.

As a traveling sound selector, Namy creates variety of music that resonates with music lovers, collaborating with musicians who play actively around the world.

In 2017, Namy has initiated the masked project AmPm, achieving over 100 million Spotify plays as a Japanese artist, and has produced projects such as Tokimeki Records and Snowk, delivering to a global audience.

In September 2023, he organized "Co-Write Day Fukuoka 2023," hosting co-writing event which included co-rite camp and a two-day showcase stage at ROOMS Fukuoka with artists from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

In October 2023, Namy produced the "Co-Write Session FUKUOKA ×ASIA" project in collaboration with the Fukuoka City-sponsored event “The Creators 2023”.
With Malaysian artist Zee Avi, MuchaMchaM a band based in Fukuoka City, the event had a public co-writing session at the Fukuoka Asia Art Museum, and a showcase of co-written songs at the Fukuoka City Hall Plaza.

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