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From Okinawa/Koza to Asia and the world

A showcase festival where you can discover new music

"Music Lane Festival Okinawa" invites music-related people mainly from Asian cities to Okinawa.

We aim to match artists and build music networks between Okinawa, Asia, and overseas.

International Showcase Festival.

Showcase festivals are widely held in Asian cities, and some of their success stories have emerged from around the world.

This time, we will talk about music festival organizers called "Delegates", mainly from Asia.

Invite music-related people such as promoters, label representatives, and the media.

At the event, in order to support artists' concrete approach to overseas,In addition to the showcase live,

Implement networking measures such as 1on1 meetings and pitchingWe are preparing.

From direct interactions that are different from online, such as subscriptions and web marketing.

We will create a place to discover new possibilities.

Performing artists are selected through public recruitment from within Japan and overseas, and are selected and booked by the organizers.

When making selections, we place emphasis on the quality of music and performance, andUnderstanding the showcase festival is very important.

The event isVenues include Music Town Oto Market, live houses and cafes in Okinawa City.It will be held as a touring event.The following things were achieved through the last "Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023" held in February 2023.

Main achievements since the event in February 2023

May 2023: element of the moment (Okinawa) Performed at “Ulsan Jazz Festival” in South Korea
June 2023: ARAGAKI Mutsumi (Okinawa) + Gray By Silver (Korea) collaboration realized
July 2023: TOSH (Okinawa) Performance in Mongolia “PLAYTIME FESTIVAL”
September 2023: Sarasa (Tokyo) Performed at “ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2023” in South Korea
October 2023: HOME (Okinawa)/TOSH (Okinawa) Appeared at “Zndari Festa” in Korea
October 2023: Hashiken (Amami)/Famous Japanese (Okinawa/Tokyo) Korea “Busking World Cup Final Qualifying Selection”
October 2023: Invited Leaf Yeh (Taiwan) to Okinawa “Brand-New Trad”
November 2023: HOME (Okinawa), TOSH (Okinawa), Sarasa (Tokyo) Performed at “LUCfest” in Taiwan
November 2023: Famous Japanese (Okinawa/Tokyo) Performed at Taiwan “Tainan City Music Festival / Tainan Music City 2023”

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