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Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2025 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2025 Announced



The International showcase festival "Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2025/

Trans Asia Music Meeting 2025" will be held for three days from January 17(fri.) to 19(Sun.),2025, mainly at the Music Town Oto-Ichiba in Okinawa City ,Okinawa,Japan.


Based on a circuit-type showcase festival, this year's event will include expanded conference, networking, and DX content, as well as a market element. The main focus will be on showcase live performances in the streets of Koza, and matching artists with DELEGATES, music professionals invited mainly from Asia. DELEGATES's job titles vary from Music festival organizers, promoters, label representatives, media, and so on.

We conduct a wide range of 1-on-1 meetings, conferences, and hackathons that aim to"enrich the future of music," and discover a new future for music through direct dialougue that differs from online.

In addiction, we will be enhance our conferences and networking for the toB market with Norikazu Yamaguchi (Studio Entre,Inc) as DX Advisor and Program Director.


Music Lane Festval Okinawa 2025・Trans Asia Music Meeting 2025

Date : Jan.17 (Fri.)ー19 (Sun.), 2025
Venue : Music Town Oto-Ichiba 3F Hall, 1F Music Plaza, and surrounding live houses ( Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan)


 Call for Artists 
 Submission period:June 7, 2024 (Fri.) 20:00 ー July 15, 2024 (Sun.) 23:59(JST)
Applications for artists will be accepted from the public through a special form on the official website.(Japanese and English)

In cooperation with TuneCore Japan, a music distribution service, we are calling for artists who have an account on TuneCore Japan.

(A dedicated application site will be set up on the TuneCore Japan Website.)

In addiction, in cooperation with .mura(DotMura Inc,) we will release the works of the performing artists as NFT digital works to secure a new source if revenue for the artists and promote the event. (Details to be announced at the later date)

Artists selected to perform will receive the following benefits.

・Live Showcase performance (30minutes of performance time )

・Participation in all conference programs.

・Direct networking with local and international music professionals, including 1-on-1 meetings.

・Receive a pass to the event.

Inquiries : Music Town Oto-Ichiba ( +81-98-932-1949 )

Organized by : Okinawa City, Music Town Oto-Ichiba

Cooperated : Studio ENTRE, .mura, LAB

Supported by : TuneCore Japan

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